Vincent van Gogh’s Masterpieces 5 oz Silver Coin (Rotating Coin) – Sold Out

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Vincent van Gogh’s Masterpieces

5 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2023 – 25000 Francs CFA

This is an original depiction and creative imagination of Vincent van Gogh working on his craft in his bedroom. Each detail and element on this collectible is referenced from various paintings by Van Gogh himself, in addition to a portrait of Van Gogh painted by John Peter Russell in 1886, down to the palette and equipment Van Gogh used during his career and they are all painstaking sculpted in high relief to the most minute detail. The collectible is fully interactive to display four of his most famous works like a carousel. The middle of this collectible can be rotated to display a different painting as desired. Among the included pieces is The Starry Night, which dates to a time when Van Gogh was in an asylum for his mental health. Arguably his most famous work, this rendering of the piece is accurate in every way and the brush strokes and colors are represented with perfect fidelity. The next piece is the Wheat Field With Cypresses which dates to 1889. The style of this piece is impasto and it is clearly painted during the summer. The Bedroom in Arles was painted in the middle of van Gogh’s career and it represents the artist’s own room in Arles during his time in this city. He later said that this was the best painting during his illness. The last work of art is the Irises piece, which was also painted during van Gogh’s stay in the asylum. He was playing with colors here and you can clearly see his efforts to create unique colors and brushstrokes in this piece. The summary of these pieces with the artist himself appearing in the foreground makes for a very narrative piece that is lovely to display.

This fully interactive rotational mechanism is made possible by the new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Rotation”, which features a top layer of 5 oz 999 Fine Silver, combined with two layers of copper bases totaling 38 oz, where the middle piece is rotatable. The result is an incredible weight and feel, ultra-high relief topped with multiple finishings in addition to the fully interactive piece. This is a limited edition of 199 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.

  • Mintage

    199 pcs

  • Weight & Material

    5 oz 999 Ag, 38 oz 999 Cu

  • Finish


  • Size


  • Country

    Republique du Tchad

  • Year of Issue


  • Face Value

    25000 Francs CFA

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