2020 The ’96 Zodiac’ Series – “96 Rat” 2 oz Silver Coin

96 pcs
Weight & Material
2 oz 999 Ag
Antiqued High Relief
Niue Island
Year of Issue
Face Value
5 Dollars


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In numerology views, 9 represents career progression and 6 represents luck and wealth. According to ancient wisdom,
good deeds reap good rewards and the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention. Using the Year of the
Rat as the first of the zodiacs to represent a successful and prosperous career with a selfless act of kindness from start to finish.

Product Highlights

The 2 oz fine-silver coin is strucked in ultra high relief and complemented with antique finishing. The collectible
features the rat as the focal point on the reverse, while the Year of the Rat is paired with a round symbol of the series title, “96”.
The reverse is finished with a textured background while the obverse features the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and legal
tender of Niue with the value of 5 Dollars.

Product Specifications

Metal: 999 Ag
Weight: 2 oz
Size: 40mm (Diameter)
Finish: Antique with Ultra High Relief
Country: Niue
Face Value: 5 Dollars
Year of Issue: 2020
Mintage: 96 pcs worldwide



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