2020 The Chinese Gods Mythology – Monkey King vs Er Lang Shen 2 oz Silver Coin

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The Chinese Gods Mythology Series brings to life the battle of mythical characters from popular Chinese novel, Journey to The West. The third and final coin in the series features Monkey King going face to face with Erlang God in a heavenly battle.

After destroying Mother Queens peach party and 100,000 heavenly soldiers to capture him, but WuKong defeated them all. The God Erlang was then sent to fight WuKong to capture him.


The 2 oz fine-silver coin is struck in a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Plus”‘ that combines 11.5 oz of copper in between two layers of fine-silver resulting in super ultra high relief while being topped off with silver antique finishing. The design on the reverse features Monkey King and Erlang God going head to head in their battle in the heaven with a Monkey King statue in the middle gilded in Gold separating the two characters apart.


The collectible coin comes together with a specially designed certificate of authenticity where its serial number will continue to run from the previous series. The collectible coin and certificate are enclosed in a carefully thought-out thematic packaging box, designed and filled with details (not shown in mock-up) that will surely enhance the buying and unboxing experience for all collectors. All by Order of the Spectres.


Metal : 999 Ag, 999 Cu

Weight : 2 oz Ag, 11.5 oz Cu

Size : 80 mm (Diameter)

Finish : Antique with Ultrra High Relief

Country : Niue

Face Value : 5 Dollars

Year of Issue : 2020

Mintage : 500 pcs Worldwide



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