CHINESE DRAGON & OX 2 oz Silver Coin

500 pcs
Weight & Material
2 oz 999 Ag, 11.5 oz 999 Cu
Antiqued High Relief
Year of Issue
Face Value
10 Dollars


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For those who are familiar with Chinese Zodiac, the Tai Sui (sometimes referred to as Grand Duke of Jupiter) is the personified deity of the stars opposite Jupiter who rules over all earthly matters in a specific lunar calendar. The Tai Sui changes every year during the Lunar New Year, as with the Zodiac. Typically, the Zodiac of the year would ‘clash’ with the Tai Sui, resulting in difficulties or setbacks through the year for those born under the same sign. As such, the auspicious dragon is intentionally paired with the Zodiac sign of the year in this series to attract success and luck for the particular Zodiac.

2021 is the Year of the Ox in the Lunar calendar. Due to the hardworking and laborious nature of the ox, the year of 2021 is said to bring about a time of steadfast and optimistic rebuilding following a static and slow-moving 2020. In Western culture, the bull (a male species of the ox) symbolises a rising market and is generally perceived to be a positive outcome for the market, especially in 2021. Matched with the dragon which symbolises auspiciousness with hope, luck and success, the ox emerges confidently on this piece and asserts strength and power. Behind it, the dragon surrounds the ox with its body, providing protection and guardianship as it charges ahead. As a work of creative expression, the artist included the intricacies of caisson architecture behind the pair of animals, an octagonal shape that bears immense cultural significance due to its similarity to the Taoist Ba Gua sign. The obverse features the legal tender of Tokelau, the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Measuring 80mm in diameter, this piece is double the size of the regular 2 oz collectible. This is made possible with a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Plus”, which combines 11.5 oz of copper within two layers of 999 fine-silver totalling 2 oz. The result is an incredible weight and feel to match the regal Chinese dragon detail, and a super ultra-high relief topped with silver antiqued finishing.


Upon completion, each of the limited 500 pieces are then imbued with the energy of the two animals. This is done by a reputable Feng Shui master from Singapore, Master Louis Cheung, who invites the energy of the powerful dragon and the steadfast ox into the collectible, and amplify their positive traits and auspicious energy for it to attract even more of such energy. Every piece has been blessed with wishes of wealth, fortune and success for their future owners.

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Mintage: 500 pcs
Material: 999 Ag & 999 Cu
Weight: 2 oz Ag & 11.5 oz Cu
Finish: Antiqued High Relief
Diameter: 80 mm
Country: Tokelau
Year of Issue: 2021
Face Value: 10 Dollars

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