2021 The Four Auspicious Beasts Series – Vermillion Bird 2 oz Silver Coin

500 pcs
Weight & Material
2 oz 999 Ag, 11.5 oz 999 Cu
Antiqued High Relief w/ Color
Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue
Face Value
10000 Francs CFA


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The Vermillion Bird (朱雀) represents the cardinal direction of the South, and the mythological creature rules over the season of Summer and the element of fire. It is thus undying and bears the ability to be reborn from fire and ashes. The Vermillion Bird is one of the Four Auspicious Beasts of the Chinese constellations who are viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions.

The large wings of the Vermillion Bird are spread out wide and full on this piece, giving the majestic creature a striking and imposing outlook to match its noble status as one of the four auspicious beasts. To deliver its lush body of feathers to a life-like detail, each stroke is drawn and designed to exact precision before it is carefully sculpted onto the collectible. Look closely beyond its wings, and notice the ash and flames behind the creature as it rises fiercely from it. Its name and cardinal direction is delivered in vivid gold to signify its authority and regal status as the guardian of the South. The obverse features the ancient Chinese constellation graph surrounding an octagon-shaped yin-yang as the backdrop for the legal tender, the Coat of Arms du Tchad.

Through the use of a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Reverse”, it achieves a remarkable weight and 80mm diameter size – making it double the size of a regular 2 oz collectible. By combining 2 oz of silver as a base with a top layer of 11.5 oz of copper, the result is a super ultra-high relief that brings out every detail to maximum effect, then finished with antiqued silver to conclude.


Mintage: 500 pcs
Material: 999 Ag & 999 Cu
Weight: 2 oz Ag & 11.5 oz Cu
Finish: Antiqued High Relief
Diameter: 80 mm
Country: Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue: 2021
Face Value: 10000 Francs CFA



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