2020 The Eight Protectors Series – ĀKĀŚAGARBHA 5 oz Silver Coin

199 pcs
Weight & Material
5 oz 999 Ag, 28.5 oz 999 Cu
Antiqued High Relief
Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue
Face Value
25000 Francs CFA


Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

Ākāśagarbha’s name can be translated as “Boundless Space Treasury” as his wisdom is said to be boundless as space itself. The mantra of Ākāśagarbha popularly used by Buddhists and artists is believed to give rise to wisdom, creativity, and to dispel ignorance. Ākāśagarbha is also known for his generosity and meritorious acts and is one of the eight Buddhist deities that serve as the protectors of the twelve zodiac animals it is associated with along with the people born in that animal year. Among the eight, four guards the four cardinal directions while the other four guard the four semi-directions.

The 5 oz fine-silver coin is struck in a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max”, that combines 28.5 oz of copper as a base for the top layer of fine-silver, resulting in super ultra-high relief while being complemented with antiqued silver finishing. The technique allows the coin to have an incredible weight and feel in the hand together with its 120 mm diameter size.

The collectible highlights Ākāśagarbha with its sword that is used to cut through destructive emotions as the focal point on the reverse, featuring lotus and floral elements with title surrounding the Bodhisattva. While the obverse features a “bagua/8 symbols” with a wheel of 12 zodiac animals in which the Ox(2021) and Tiger(2022) is protected by the bodhisattva. Finishing off in the middle with a round-shaped yin-yang symbol as the backdrop for the legal tender, the Coat of Arms du Tchad.


Mintage: 199 pcs
Material: 999 Ag & 999 Cu
Weight: 5 oz Ag & 28.5 oz Cu
Finish: Antiqued High Relief
Diameter: 120 mm
Country: Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue: 2020
Face Value: 25000 Francs CFA



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